I’m Selling Off Some Aged Domains

I’m always building new things here, and sometimes I build new things on old grounds. You’ve probably heard of “aged domains” before, but to briefly explain, they are domains that have had a previous life as some website, but is now for sale or abandoned as the previous owner has moved on. You can find many of these domains freely available to hand register if you know where to look, or you can buy them from someone who finds them, registers them, and resells them.

I often use such domains to build new sites because they might have an interesting sounding name, or because they have some authority in a niche I wish to build a site in. Sometimes I get a little over-exuberant with my purchasing though, and now I have an inventory of these sites that I don’t need and will never use. I decided to just put them up for sale, and I’ll continue to scrape the web to find more gems to bring to you. If you’d like to see my list of available domains, click over to this page –> Aged Domains for Sale