California Baby Born with 12 Fingers & 12 Toes

It’s called Polydactyly [1], or Polydactylism, and is reported in about 2 per 1000 children born. [2] When each hand or foot has six digits, it is sometimes called sexdactyly, hexadactyly, or hexadactylism.[1]

Kamani Hubbard's little hands and feet photo“The most common form of polydactyly is a small, soft, extra finger that contains no bone. Many of these can be easily treated at birth by the attending physician who ties a suture tightly around the base. The extra digit falls off, and the normal-appearing hand or foot heals quickly.” [2]

Kamani Hubbard was born in January of 2009, with not just a sixth finger or a sixth toe, but six fully functional fingers on each hand, and six fully functional toes on each foot, making his condition so remarkable, Bay area doctors have never seen a similar case.

Said Dr. Michael Treece, a St. Luke’s Hospital pediatrician, “It’s merely an interesting and beautiful variation rather than a worrisome thing. I would be tempted to leave those fingers in place.” [3]

Indeed, the reason Dr. Treece would offer such a comment, is because in many cases, even those of Complex Polydactylism (where there is bone in the extra digit), corrective surgery is done.

And so, Fracas has taken a few moments to prepare a beautiful photo of Kamani’s little hand and foot, and would like to know whether fraccers think Kamani’s parent’s should consider corrective surgery… or leave him as he is?

Granted, this is nothing like the case of baby Lali (who has since, sadly… passed away), born with a condition called Craniofacial Duplication, but it is once again, an opportunity for us to question whether or not it is our own ideas of normal that need to be questioned, rather than these very special children.

After all… in the world of cat-lovers, having an extra digit is considered lucky, and some even suggest cats with extra digits are more intelligent. [4] In many countries outside the U.S. and Canada, having an extra digit is also considered to be a sign of good luck… a blessing. [5]

Some famous names who were Polydactyls are Anne Boleyn, Hound Dog Taylor, Antonio Alfonseca, and Gemma Arterton.

“Folk beliefs from Eastern Europe and Africa sometimes associated six-fingered children (or anyone with any kind of “unnatural” feature) with witchcraft, or pegged them as the “exchanged child” of a witch, swapped out in the middle of the night while the mother was asleep. Even Anne Boleyn, wife of Henry VIII, was thought of as a witch thanks to the sixth finger rumored to be on her right hand.” [5]

Regardless of whether or not it is the extra digits that bring luck, Fracas is sure Kamani’s parents cradle him and smell his sweet, new-baby smell… gaze upon his little face with the knowledge that he is theirs… and feel very lucky indeed!

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