Can You Rank With A Blogspot Blog

The big question that people still ask despite the proof is whether you can rank for terms with a blogspot blog as with WordPress.  The answer is YES. At this point you can either believe me and move on, or you can read on and see the proof and why you can. First off, contrary to what some people will tell you, even so called SEO experts, you can rank for very competitive terms. For starters lets take one of the toughest terms to rank for, make money online.  If you do a search in Google on that term you will find 2 blogger blogs out of the top 5 spots.

Lets look at another example, since it has been said that you can put any word in Google and add blog after it and you won’t find any blogger blog ranking. I did a search for “my blog” and what I found was some random guy I have never heard of from Indonesia with a blogspot blog ranking right after He titled his blog, “My Personal Blog“. Lets take some more examples since blogspot blogs suck and can’t rank for anything. Look up something as simple as “happy blog” and tell me what you find? Yet again another blogspot blog. And now lets take a more comical approach. Do a search for butt implants blog in Google and tell me what you find? If you want to get a few more laughs and read further on the subject then you need to go on and visit Griz post about but I warn you, he has a blogspot blog which ranks at the top in Google for make money online, so don’t take him too seriously.

If you want even more laughs then go visit one of the funniest vloggers I know, Allyn Hane at his video blog. He will show you how to properly drink a beer and make a video at the same time.

OK, now that you know a blog can rank for just about anything a WordPress blog can, lets talk about why that is possible.

The first reason is because ranking well is 90% offpage SEO and 10% onpage. What I mean by that is simply, the more relevant links you have coming into a site whether it is a Blogspot blog or a WordPress blog is what matters most. For those of you who are going to tell me that WordPress is just easier to customize, I’m not going to argue with you on that point, but I can tell you that a blogger blog can be set up even faster. I’m not being partial here because I use both platforms. I am simply stating a fact that you will find a bunch of A-list bloggers speak contrary too.

Here is another bit of information based on my experience. A blogger blog will have a lot higher CTR than a WordPress blog. Primarily because they are ugly, and people like to read pretty blogs. If you want to get some serious clicks, then you really should give a try. If you are going to focus more on affiliate products then you do need to maintain some type of professional look to your site to gain more trust and improve conversions. If you want to follow the lead of the A-listers that’s fine, but I am going to keep using blogger as a way to make money and test the waters for keywords at no cost.

If you want to learn more on the basics of how to make money blogging then read part one in the series.

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