Earn Consistent Income Online

I have received some emails from a few people having the same issues. One day you are getting traffic and earning money, and the following day literally nothing for you as far as income.

Why is it hard for you to bring in consistent income is the real question? I’m going to tell you so be ready. You either

A. Do not have the ability to get the type of links you need for the terms you are working to hold your rank.

B. Not properly doing keyword research.

C. Working too tight of a niche with little to no traffic.

A few of you are probably going to fall in almost all those categories. others just one. Is it wrong that you build these sites with inconsistent traffic? Not at all, as a matter of fact I have a few sites that are tightly focused which may earn me some big bucks off adsense when I get a click for them, but they are not my main source of income. I do not depend on them to bring in the same amount of money each day. One day they may make me $20 bucks and another day they may make $1 dollar but once again they are not my main sources for income.

With that being said, if your earners vary hugely day by day with adsense, then you are not targeting and nailing a good niche through and through. For most sites it is a numbers game and a combination of keywords which you have chosen. Pick the wrong ones and you have crappy CTR. Pick the right niche and sometimes you get clicks nonstop. This also has a lot to do with the age group you are targeting which I will get to in another article.

At this point then you should mainly focus on having a handful of consistent earners every day which can bring in $$30-$100 every day. Once you have that established then work the smaller stuff. But make sure you have consistent earners, or you will never have a gauge to what you will make each month. Personally for me, I like knowing what I can bring in each month as far as income from sites. Consistency is key.

So lets say you built a site around “Starwars Chewbacca Legos“. Once you have that main term nailed then what? If the search volume is low then you have a site that is going to be sporadic. Instead wouldn’t it make sense to build an entire site around Star wars legos and target a bunch of terms like “Han Solo Starwars figure“, “Jabba the Hut lego set” etc…? Then you will be bringing in traffic for many more terms than just one or 2 most likely making it more of a consistent earner each day.

This is not really rocket science folks, but there are so many people struggling and not earning money consistently. So if you don’t have a site that is nailing a bunch of keywords get on it. Don’t accumulate a bunch of sites that are all hit or miss. Don’t work niches you can’t get links to rank for properly. If you email me and tell me you are working credit cards, then I am going to tell you to work something easier.

Geez, I just gave you an idea for a niche with the legos, and I am willing to bet some people will start making lego sites based off this post. So why is it people can’t use their noggin a little more and think about things they had as a kid or buy for their kids, or a problem you a person needs medication for, or a household product millions of people use everyday, or places people like to travel.

There are  millions possibilities. Find them and choose them wisely. If you think a term is easy to nail and you don’t want to buy a domain then start a blogger blog and test the waters.

OK, I’m off to nailing more keywords. :)

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