How To Make Money With Ebay Partner Network – 2009

ets talk about how you can make money as an eBay affiliate. I’m sure most of you reading this know what eBay is, and know that you can make some decent money from it by selling stuff that’s been either sitting around in your home, or things you have picked up from garage sales or estate sales. That was one of my favorite money makers back in 1998 when eBay was still relatively undiscovered country. However like many who have stuck around with eBay for many years, I have found that a lot of the products I could easily buy and turn a profit quickly on were not selling like they used to as more and more people crowded the marketplace with rock bottom prices which did not help provide a decent profit for themselves, or the people like me around them who were also trying to sell things.

That’s when I walked away from eBay for a while and realized that it was time to move on. Well it was fun while it lasted. In the last couple years however I had found eBay to be a profitable place again but from a different angle. This was as an affiliate. I soon realized that you could really make money online with eBay if you built lots of websites and threw up some half decent content.

Software which a friend was using which was working quite nicely also started working well for me, but was short lived as Google didn’t like it and soon started not including the sites in its index. For me this meant changing things up. I started setting up blogs with decent content, which displayed eBay ads through the eBay tools provided. This would allow me to easily set up sites quickly, and make some decent money. Although it took more time, the sites lasted and I didn’t worry so much that they would be gone tomorrow if Google decided to kill some affiliate sites based on spammy looks.

Recently however eBay has gone in a new direction with paying its affiliates by clicks instead of commissions like they used too. This method of making money online is not as friendly since you may have gotten eBay a sale which you would normally have been paid $10 on but now you make 10 cents for. It is another way for eBay to cut back on paying those who help them increase sales, and it is also another way for them to weed out people who may have been trying to rig the system to make money the easy way.

From personal experience I can tell you that eBay was once a half decent way to make money, but can now make a person feel ripped off who has been an affiliate with them since before this new change. Obviously it is easy for eBay to decide what they want to pay affiliates because they not only make the rules, but control the numbers. The eBay affiliate system is flawed and will probably not make you that great of money unless you have a ton of traffic to your sites. This is why adsense can be a lot better option. But if building websites and blogs is not your cup of tea, and you love writing, then you may just want to sign up for hubpages which covers it all. Hubpages allows you to not only add eBay ads, Amazon, and Kontera, but also adds the adsense into your articles without you having to know any coding or programming knowledge.

I have tested out hubpages, and it does work. The main thing required of you is to just write quality content. If on the other hand you are still interested in building your own sites and setting up eBay affiliate feeds on them, then you can head over to the eBay partner network. Have fun!

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