Is Google Your Big Brother?

Surprising Things That Google Knows About You

In an article penned by Courtney Phillips, and found at the criminal justice USA site, 25 things Google either knows, or will know about you if you utilize their many services, are discussed.

Does the idea (that you’re compromising your privacy for the convenience of their services) bother you? Shouldn’t you know what you’re getting into before you decide to use all they offer? Check out the items highlighted below and if you’re concerned, continue with the original article. After that… don’t say you didn’t know!

Here are a select few from the list.

Some important things that Google knows about you!

  • The web pages you visit: Google AdSense is used by many web pages for online advertising, and Google’s cookies record your visits to web pages with their ad program on them.
  • Your financial information: Users of AdSense and/or Google Checkout share financial information, addresses, and other personal information with Google.
  • What’s on your PC: If you’re using Google Desktop, Google knows everything that you keep on your computer.
  • Your research paper, bills, upcoming blog post, etc.: Docs and Spreadsheets are great web-based office tools, but using them means exposing the information in your documents to Google.
  • Everything you’re looking at online: Users of the browser Google Chrome allow Google to see all of the web pages they are visiting.
  • Your problems: Asking a question or giving an answer on Google Answers will reveal your problems and personal life to Google.
  • Your medical issues: Do you use Google Health? If so, you’re sharing your entire medical history with Google.
  • Your home address: Use Google Maps, AdSense, or Checkout, and there’s a good chance Google has your home address.
  • Mobile number: On SMS, Google Mobile, and Gmail, you can reveal your mobile number to Google.
  • Everything you do online: Google Secure Access encrypts your data, so everything you’re doing online for school or work is recordable.

To read the full list, head over to the site and have a gander.

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