Make Money From Home

Since everyone wants to work at home and make easy money on the internet, I thought I might share with you the results that working from home online can have on a person.

If you are tired of your job and want to change things up a bit, then you probably think that working from your desk at the house is the way to go. Don’t be so fast! Let me tell you over the last 2 years how making money online has been a positive thing and a negative thing for me.

The simple concept of building sites and getting links is just that, simple. Why so many people don’t get it I really don’t know. One thing I do know is that it takes a determination and fire to get up every day and work for weeks and sometimes months without seeing any real results. I should know, I have done this for over 2 years now. Now its a lot easier, but the motivation has really died out. What happened?

the first drive you get from building websites and either monetizing them with adsense or with affiliate products is crazy. I would work for almost 15 hours a day and feel like a hamster running in a wheel. It seemed like the harder I tried the less I got anywhere. Then finally it all started coming together. I was making extra money from home and still working at a full time job, but now I actually had some cash to show for all that hard work. it wasn’t a lot of cash, but it was something. That drove me to just get more excited about making money from home and quitting my day job. Especially when i was having some health issues and missing a lot of work

I finally made that plunge and quit my day job to make money from home. The money was not great so we had to struggle a little with my wife still working hard at her job. It took time, and with her support I finally made it. Things Kept growing and growing, but I was still working so many hours and it seemed so unnecessary.

Working from home was taking its toll on me, and not only was I burned out, but my social life was also suffering. I spent so much time in the digital world that i never spent time speaking with people face to face. I literally had become a recluse, and now I was getting sick more often. One of my hands was having serious problems from working around the clock typing.

Making money online has taken its toll, both physically and emotionally. It still takes its toll everyday in one way or another, and has become a miserable and dreaded job even though its still a passion.

I think I have told people doing what I do to work as hard as you can, and to get as much done as you can. However I failed to mention rest. If you do not rest from this internet money making job you will hurt yourself more than you know.

If I could go back and do it all over again, I would have made a schedule for this stuff. No working for 15 hours straight looking at a screen. No working all night long and well into the next day until my eyes are burning red.

While I have not worked online like this for a long time now, I can truly say that if you want to make a legitimate income from home, you need to think about your family and your health before making money. If you don’t you will be miserable. i just thought it was important to outline the miserable effects from spending 95% of your life in your home without seeing sunlight for 2 years.

You can still make a living from working at home and be happy, just make a schedule, and get plenty of exercise. Go to the gym, and go walking to clear your head or you can drive yourself mad, believe me, I know. :)

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