Make Money Online Without Popularity

Do you have to be popular to make money online? I think that there are actually a lot of people out there that think so. There are guys like Darren Rowse, John Chow, Maki and others who have some online fame. Some of them built their blogs from the ground up over many years, and some built their blogs through social media. So does that mean that these guys make a killing from their make money online blogs? Some of them do, but that’s not what you should be focusing on.

Let me ask you a question reader. Do you blog because you enjoy it or you want to make money with it?

What was your answer? If you said to make money then you are looking at the wrong people. The people that make real good money online are guys that work niches. Let me give you an example. Did you know that not but just a month or so ago, a guy sold his blog for about 15 million dollars? Do you know what his name was? He wasn’t so famous until recently. his name was John Wu, and he sold for more than most people make in a lifetime.

How was John Wu able to make so much money on a blog he worked on for only 2 years? Several things. He targeted a high paying niche which was everything related to banks. And he posted about targeted keywords everyday over that period of time as well as built links.

I can’t begin to tell you how important it is to be selective about choosing the subject (niche) you will be blogging about. It can mean wasting tons of time building for months only to find you chose something that is low paying, or building something that pays extremely well.

So now what? Do you think you have to be popular online to make money? Of course not. I mean look at me. I was in a bunch of movies with Han Solo, his career kind of took off but there weren’t many other gigs for a hairy Wookie so I kind of got into blogging when I realized that it was profitable. Blogging isn’t the only thing you can make money online with though. There are plenty of other make money online options I will talk about in my upcoming posts so stay tuned.

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