Quidnunc and Poppysmic

Psst… hey you…

Yes, you.

You out there googling quidnunc and poppysmic because that silly girl played by Jennifer Aniston in the movie (people are bashing) Love Happens, happens to go around writing these words on walls and we’re supposed to think it’s endearing instead of vandalism, but you just want to know what they mean…

Yeah, you!

Here you go:

quidnunc [ˈkwɪdˌnʌŋk]



a person eager to learn news and scandal; gossipmonger
[from Latin, literally: what now]


Produced with smacking of the lips.


You won’t see this in your local newspaper any day soon. It comes from the Latin poppysma, via the defunct French popisme. Romans used the original for a kind of lip-smacking, clucking noise that signified satisfaction and approval, especially during lovemaking. In French, it referred to the tongue-clicking tsk-tsk sound that riders use to encourage their mounts. The only writer in English known to have used our word was James Joyce, in a stage direction in Ulysses: “FLORRY WHISPERS TO HER. WHISPERING LOVEWORDS MURMUR, LIPLAPPING LOUDLY, POPPYSMIC PLOPSLOP.”

You’re welcome.

I know now we can all sleep better at night.

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