Sarah Palin Painted Nude Looks Like Peggy Hill To Me

This was the funniest thing I’ve seen today, and following several hours of reading and researching to write about a serious topic that could easily have kept me in the dumps for the day… this was just the ticket.

A Chicago artist is drawing crowds to his bar after painting a portrait of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in the buff.

Bruce Elliott unveiled the 4-foot-tall portrait at the Old Town Ale House on Chicago’s North Side last Thursday, the Windy Citizen reports. The governor is wearing her trademark hairdo, holding an automatic rifle and standing naked on a polar-bear skin rug.

“I don’t see how she could be offended by this,” Elliott told the Windy Citizen. “I made her into a sex figure.”

Bruce Elliott's painting he claims is Sarah Palin but really looks more like Peggy Hill!Upon first site, my immediate reaction was, “That’s not Sarah Palin, that’s Peggy Hill!”

Now, I’m not much of a King of the Hill fan, but I’ve seen the show, I’ve seen Sarah Palin on the news.

I know when I see Sarah and I know when I see Peggy.

In this painting, I see Peggy.

I suppose that’s not such a bad thing, and while the story behind how this painting was made is on the icky and creepy side, perhaps Bruce Elliott has a secret thing for Peggy Hill?

Peggy Hill... now doesn't this look more like the photo than Sarah Palin?He wouldn’t be the first. At the source for the lovely Peggy Hill photo you see here, I learned that maybe there are men out there who do have a little thing for Hill. Or Marge Simpson, or Lois Griffin.

So it must be all good then?

Umm, not exactly.

Recall my passing mention to the story behind how the painting came to be? Recall I said it was on icky and creepy side? Brace yourself now…

Elliott told the news service that his daughter Grace posed nude for the portrait.

“My daughter is a heck of a stand-in for Sarah Palin,” he said. “She can even do the voice.”

That’s right. You read correctly. His adult daughter posed nude for him so he could paint this portrait of Peggy Hill Sarah Palin, and garner all kinds of business for the bar.

Oh.. one more thing.

This bar?

He just happens to be a co-owner, not to mention an Obama supporter.

Click here to read another article that includes photos of Elliott and his daughter. Poppa thinks his daughter is a stand-in for Palin, but I don’t see it. Maybe you do?

I also don’t understand why he’d want to see his grown daughter nude… and then paint her to look like Peggy Hill. I do though, understand why he’d claim it’s a painting of Palin… everyone wants to increase their business, don’t they?

Now that I’ve written this, the humor in it seems to have waned.

I guess if I want to lift my spirits I’ll have to head over to someplace where I might have a chance at reading something really funny.

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