Stay Clean – Make Money

How do you make money on the internet when you aren’t sure what is safe and whats isn’t? If you were paranoid before Grizz wrote his most recent post on his experiences with blogger as well as Alan Liew over at moneymakerinfo, you are probably really paranoid now. Can sites with blogger rank well? Yes that was already established some time ago. Can they get taken away from you? Yes they can, since they are not yours to begin with.

Whats interesting though is the fact that quite a few people who are running what are considered to be thin sites are also losing adsense accounts. Google is cleaning up house, so you better make sure your sites are spotless. If you have one page sites with a spammy theme, a privacy policy and about page on them but nothing else you are in for a world of hurt at some point.

Remember that your adsense account can be gone tomorrow if you have junky sites. I’m putting a list together of No-Nos if you have a blog or website running adsense or other affiliate products. If you have something to add to it let me know. Remember, these are no hard set rules. These are based on my opinion and experience, so take away from this what you want.

  • Do not use common templates or themes that are popular for adsense or affiliate sites.
  • Do not EXCLUDE images and header graphics which give your site more value.
  • Do not put adsense above a post so that no content can be seen.
  • Do not put adsense directly below a title (even if floating left or right inside post) without some type of  spacing and border to let people know it is not a list based on the title.
  • Do not put images next to adsense which would lead people to believe the image depicts what the ad is for.
  • Do not keyword stuff your posts. Keep keyword density under 2%. Google knows what your site is about if you use the keywords only a couple times within your articles.
  • Do not put an excessively large blogroll on your site. Especially payday loan blogroll links. This will cause you to lose your PR faster than you can say pagerank.
  • Remember to link out to a handful of valuable sources, (no this doesn’t make you an authority site) which can help you prove some worth and value to Google.
  • Don’t target one keyword and make it obvious. Build a site around a topic that has some substance.
  • Provide some type of value to the reader (thought I would never say this) so that they don’t report you. Your site doesn’t have to be better than someone else’s in the same niche, but it should have some type of value which allows it to stand should a visual inspection come.
  • Make sure to include about page, contact page and privacy policy page.

The easy money days are over. If you were lazy before when it was easy then now is about the time you should give up. If you want to make money now, then this is the best time to start clean sites.

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