Surprise, It’s A Virus!

I’ve been receiving something via email for some time now, and though it does go straight to my spam bin, I thought it was worth reminding folks to be careful about.

Many of us have children online; many who maintain their own email accounts. I won’t get into my opinions about that, but suffice it to say many of you out there don’t see what your kids are receiving or opening via their email accounts.

screen cap of a postcard virus attempt sent by emailThis is one version, though you can find many other examples over at Snopes.

The premise, is that you’ve received an online greeting from what you know to be a reputable or well-known e-card site, and so you (or more likely, your unsuspecting child) will click their link and launch the equivalent of a big fat boring tapeworm in your gut, into the guts of your computer.

Please instruct your children to never ever click on files they receive via email, without having their parents check them out first. Viruses, worms, and all other types of malware can be released onto your system this way, coming to you in .zip and .exe files dressed up to look like other benign gifts.

Be wise out there!

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