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I’m back from my cruise to Mexico, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica, and it was a much needed vacation. Spending 7 days relaxing and going on excursions is a great way to get away from a computer and actually enjoy the fruits of your labor. I know I don’t have a ton of followers like Chow or Yaro, but that’s perfectly fine with me. You also won’t find me sucking on another mans neck either.

I do get emailed quite a bit from people wanting me to train them to make money online. Many of those who sincerely would like to put in the work, and many others who just want to make quick money with little to no work. It can become quite overwhelming though, and I just don’t have time to train people anymore like I use to. I would much rather spend this time with family and friends. I do not mind however answering questions or pointing people in the right direction.

If you email me with a question I would be more than happy to help, however if you email me and ask me where to begin I will probably point you to the one place that I recommend and trust, which is extremely affordable and straight forward. Court and Mark who run The Keyword Academy have well put together information that is clear and understandable. Lots of videos and live Webinars allow you to get real time questions answered each week as well.

As most of you know that read my blog, I would not write about this and recommend this course if it was crap. The training you will learn from The Keyword Academy about blogging is exactly what you need in order to be successful and make some serious cash.

Thats about it folks. I have a lot of irons in the fire at the moment, and will be busy with some huge projects for the next couple months. If you have any questions, you can shoot me an email and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

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