Twitter Updates in Google Search Results

One thing I noticed when I came back from my trip today was news within search results which features twitter as well as new blog posts etc. when a topic is hot enough according to Search Engine Land who recently did an article on the subject, Google will show a news related scroll box which you can pause or just let it keep moving and rotating. Looks a little annoying! Maybe annoying enough for people to look and click on stuff. Instead of going more in depth on this bit I will let you all read that at SEJ.

What this does bring me too is another interesting question. How can that be used to an advantage? Now that Google has made twitter a part of their search that puts a whole new spin on things In the next few days I will be doing more of my own tests on it to see how it can effectively be used if possible to get more search traffic for people interested in various topics. Obviously the idea is to make money with twitter through natural search engine traffic.

Only testing will tell us how well this method could work in future situations. Obviously spending countless hours on twitter is not a good use of time, so automation is key. I will give a follow up on some of the testing if it is worth it. If you don’t hear about it again, then it means that I didn’t get anything great to happen, or that I found something so great that letting too many people in on the idea would spoil it. :)

Thanks for reading and feel free to join my twitter account. It will definitely help me with some other testing I will be doing with the Whatawookie twitter account which will include some prizes. Just to keep things clear, this blog is ultimately here to show you a thing or 2 about making money online through a viable means. One that can be replicated, and that works for just about anyone that wants to do it. This blog is a make money online site which is geared towards just that. I appreciate your comments, and will do the best to answer questions when I can through email. If you have any, shoot me an email and I will get back with you at some point. Sometimes its fast and other times its slow.

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